New Year 2015


     Pam and I hope you had a blessed Christmas.  It is also our prayer that you will have the most blessed year of your life in 2015.  I believe God has given me a Rhema word for all my friends.  To make this possible, it is God’s desire as our heavenly Father to teach His children how to walk and live in His divine favor and be blessed, just as we do concerning our own children.  God desires His children to be successful in all areas.  He wants us to truly have an abundant life.  God has a plan to make this possible for all who want it. 

     I believe God is bringing His church into the greatest season of blessings it has ever known.  The reason for this is because He loves us.  So we can go into the harvest while there is time.  You and I know time is running out.  Our blessed Savior’s return is at hand.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, even so come quickly. 

     God wants us to be successful in life and in Kingdom work.  Having said that, I have learned success isn’t an accident.  The reality is most successful people work hard at it.  The successful people I have met, such as professional athletes, business owners, doctors, teachers, electricians, ministers, farmers, home makers, etc… are willing to do what others are not.  God never rewards lazy people.  It is my desire as God’s servant and your friend to equip you with spiritual principles that will produce success. God has given me a series of messages to share with you in 2015.  I believe, no, I know they will produce success in your life and in the lives of those you love.  This should be our number one priority.  If you desire to take this journey to obtain God’s best for your life, it will require some effort.  But it will be worth it.  Please pull up this website monthly.  I will share a fresh Rhema to apply to our lives.  It will produce results.  Also I ask that you share this website with your friends and family.  I really believe with all my heart that 2015 can be the best year of your life.  It is my prayer and God’s will this upcoming year for us to seek God’s face together.

Love in Christ

Your Servant,


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